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Docomply specialises in the development of web based applications to automate the management of risk and compliance. Docomply is a progressive company and is always adapting to ensure clients’ expectations are met. Our applications have been designed to be flexible enough to adapt the criteria for different and evolving requirements.

Our History

Docomply was founded in 2008 and embarked on designing software applications for the compliance management of risk associated with service providers. Our application has been developed as a powerful web based application incorporating the learnings of the founders expertise gained over 40 years of experience in various industries. Our initial focus was financial institutions, and now provides solutions to a wide range of organisations across diverse industries. We have evolved to include quality control as an important component of risk management.


Compliance process automation

Docomply's main aim is to ensure that service providers have access to an automated application which clearly defines the compliance and quality requirements as set out by their clients.
We provide monitoring tools, system design and architecture solutions, specialised software development, reporting, implementation and integration.

Reporting for compliance management

With Docomply, clients have access to powerful reporting and feedback mechanisms which provide high-level overviews of compliance. Being a web based application, both organisations and service providers with easy access to manage compliance status at all times.

Online compliance software for worldwide access

Docomply’s flexibility is able to address individual client’s requirements. Docomply can easily be adapted to apply locally, nationally and internationally, in any business environment.

Regulatory relationships

To provide an effective service to its clients, Docomply has formed strong relationships with appropriate regulatory bodies in order to grow knowledge in the field of risk and compliance management.

it's not faith in technology, it's faith in people

-- Steve Jobs.

About Us

We are a dynamic, innovative company. We are market-leaders. We are experts. We have developed our philosophy to ensure it remains this way.

To achieve this, Docomply:

  • •   Grows the skill of contributors to include risk across industries;

  • •   Develops and evolves leading web based compliance solutions;

  • •   Works closely with our clients to meet their requirements;

  • •   Provides end-to-end solutions that integrate with other environments;

  • •   Interacts with Regulatory Bodies to strengthen relationships.

Our Mission

To develop and maintain cutting edge solutions to easily identify, and, effectively manage quality and risk.

Our Vision

To be the leading risk and compliance solution provider in Africa, and to extend our offering internationally.


Docomply products are web based for online management and can be adapted for use in any environment.


    This product follows the Docomply methodology of easy access to the FICA requirements set out by the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, Act No 38 of 2001. The software facilitates the compliance monitoring with associated data. Requirements are automatically generated through specific criteria required by the FICA regulator and can be configured to any additional requirements specific to your firm. Docomply includes simple reporting to easily meet any details required by the Law society as the Supervisory body.


    Docomply's document compliance and storage solution brings order to the manual management of profile, people, and documents, by streamlining the compliance process through automated organisation. Trigger notifications are an integral part of our product offering, which facilitates smooth handling through exception reporting, with full reporting, for more in depth management.

  • Docomply Quality Control

    Docomply's automated audit process allows for easy monitoring and management of internal and/or external quality. Consolidated reporting of audit capture provides for easy identification of weak or high-risk areas. Controlled management to improve and manage risk areas is provided through automated corrective action logging and monitoring.

  • Docomply Trust Progress Management

    This product provides a secure and simple web-based communication tool for interactive management of workflow in respect of transactions delayed by external criteria ie Deceased Estates, Insolvent Estates, due to the prolonged process associated with the winding up process. Trigger notifications draw attention to matters requiring attention for effective ongoing management.

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